Finally Progress! DG Rogue Handler

I have had one of those weeks where everything has been clamouring for my attention, except writing.

I think that since last Thursday I haven’t written a single word towards these Delta Green rules.

What I have been doing is: mucking about with DriveThruCards. I was asked for all the card faces from my Troika! solo oracle deck as separate images. This would allow them to be uploaded to card dealing dice rollers. I had no idea how to do this, the cards are make with a single template and then data merging the text on to them. They are never images. I played with them by printing them many cards per page, and then cutting them out.

At the same time, someone pointed out that shipping to Canada was $50+. These card face images mean that they could be printed on to sheets of sticky labels and then stuck on to cards. You still get to play with the cards, but not at $50 a go!

So, I solved that problem.

Then there was print on demand. I have been setting more and more books up for print, but I still could not find a way to offer them from my own site.

I decided that I would crack that nut. As of about 4pm today, there are print books available on my site. It meant that I had to abandon Woocommerce as a store provider and I have moved over to Shopify. Lulu will be the print provider.

It is all working for the UK and USA shipping. I am adding in more country specific shipping rates as I go. I get a lot of site traffic from Germany and Austria, so I will be adding those territories in ASAP.

Shopify is a very professional service, and I think the store is improved by the upgrade.

I am now under some self imposed pressure to get more books available in print, just to justify all the work in setting up Shopify! That is not too much of a hardship, it was always my plan to do this this year anyway. It is just another prod to get on with it.

And so to Delta Green.

The number of random tables has grown somewhat. These tables you will probably roll on only once per mission, or possibly more often if you are chasing down someone on a crime spree.

Last time I described how you could roll for victim, culprit, means and deed. All of those tables now exist. They are all d100 tables. with typically 18 to 20 entries.

The results give combinations such as:

(79) Culprit + Victim
Culprit: Religious Sect
Victim: USAF Intelligence

Another example

(07) Victim + Deed
Victim: Scientist
Deed: Kidnapping

These give you the stub of a mission from which you can start to build out your briefing. This then brought up more questions. The next of which was What kind of scientist? So I now have a table of 100 sciences and their fields of study. So, I now know that the Scientist that has gone missing was studying Archaeozoology. Then I wanted to know more about our USAF Intelligence officer. So now I have a list of all the territories around the world where US military personnel are deployed.

If you are curious, the USAF officer was deployed in Portugal. I didn’t want to move my mission to Portugal, so I decided that the officer had now reported for duty, from home leave.

So my count of tables is going up, and you can repurpose any of them. If you find a document in a lab, you can roll on the sciences table to give you an idea of what it is about, that sort of thing.

Tables, like these mean I can play the game, what they don’t do is make for an interesting book. At some point I do have to knuckle down and write all this up. No one would want my chaotic spreadsheets!

Rest assured. This project is making slow progress, but it is making progress!

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