Discounts and Free Tools

Opt-in to my contact list and you will receive free solo tools for games like Alien, StarTrek Adventures [2d20], and Shadowrun.

In addition, you will get discount links to all my new releases, typically 40% off.

I also share hints and tips about solo playing.

The other function of the newsletter is to give me a way to ask you questions. It won’t happen often. Loads of companies send out surveys with loads of questions. I think that is impersonal and a bit corporate. PPM originally stood for Peter, Paul and Marcus. Real-life caught up with Paul and Marcus so it is largely just me. I don’t need a corporate brand. This is also why to make my little books as good as they can be I sometimes need to get other people’s opinions.

Marcus is now back and is a prolific adventure writer for Old School Revival games. He writes for Worlds Without Number, Swords & Wizardry, and Symbaroum. He also runs our regular 5e game, so I suspect that there will be some 5e adventures in the future. The 40% discount on everything new also applies to Marcus’s creations.

The ‘market research’ is entirely optional, but without feedback from real players, it is hard to make the books and games that people will enjoy.

It goes without saying that I won’t spam you, sell your email, or anything crappy like that.