DG:Rogue Handler Manuscript Complete!

I am really pleased to say that I have completed the manuscript to my Delta Green rules.

All that is needed now is a final playtest this evening, and then doing layout on Monday.

A lot of my solo booklets work well with free quickstarts or ‘lite’ editions of the core game. That is not true in this instance. These solo rules will direct you to specific pages, paragraphs and even sentences of the Handler’s Guide.

I tried repeatedly to make contact with Arc Dream and Shane Ivey and I had no response at all. I would absolutely love to be able to call this booklet Delta Green: Rogue Handler, but that is not to be. Even if they hadn’t like that name, I would have been happy with putting Delta Green Compatible on the front cover, but that is also not an option.

All I can say is that the Delta Green Handler’s Guide is required to play.

Fun Game

I have enjoyed playing this. Although I know that I have about as much chance of surviving an encounter with the unnatural as I would have in CoC, somehow if feels like I have more control, and options. I have only played CoC in the classic 1930s setting, where I had no access to the Internet, no mobile phones, and all the other paraphernalia of modern special forces.

All that stuff is not useless against Ghouls, but is not going to help one jot if you end up running afoul of the Mi-go or anything worse.

It has taken me about a month to bring this together, it would have been longer if I had not recently played Apocthulhu, a game with the same Legend DNA. At least I knew how to play. All I needed to do is capture the feel of the game play.

I may try and share some screenshots later!

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