Solo Adventure for SWN Deal of the Day!

Today, at 10am US Central time (3pm for me), My Solo Adventures for Stars Without Number will be deal of the day. I am discounting it from £3.99 to $1.60. I will also discount the print version from $9.99 to $6.99, just for that 24hrs.

I cannot believe how long this has taken to come around. When I added it to the queue, there were 79 titles in the queue, but we are told that exclusive publisher get chosen ahead of non-exclusive. As it is, this title was in the queue 81 days, so the idea of being bumped up for being exclusive is possibly a bit tenuous.

Deals of the day can only get more expensive. New publishers come into existence every day, as everyone gets either 10 or 20 free PPP each month, you could do nothing and still afford one or two DotD every five years. As soon as you start selling stuff, they come around faster, even if it feels agonisingly slow saving up 600 points.

DG Rogue Handler Cards?

Last week I put in a title for the DriveThruCards deal of the day. This is much less popular. The average cost is just 1PPP, although I have seen 9PPP and 17PPP. I sold 22 copies of my Troika! cards. I think that worked well, it obviously is not on the same scale.

I am seriously considering making a supplemental set of oracle cards for Delta Green. I am getting a lot of oracles, it would be easier to just deal cards as needed and getting the same random plot elements rather than flicking from page to page looking for the right table.

What I learned last time about having images of each card along with the PDF and physical option would give people flexibility to use them how they liked. These will be an option, not a necessity.

So that is it for today. My next task is to get back to writing DG Rogue Handler.

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