Deal of the Day – Deep Dive

Today’s vblog is all about my recent 3Deep Deal of the Day. If you are a publisher, or aspiring publisher, Deal of the Day is ‘the thing’ that we all aim for with DriveThruRPG’s Publisher Promotion Points. It is the most expensive option available, and out of reach for most small publishers. I have now … Read more

Alternatives to Mythic GME

The biggest single name in solo role play has to be the Mythic GME, Game Master Emulator. Almost every solo tool that uses look up tables shares at least some of its DNA with Mythic. There is nothing wrong with Mythic, I have used it myself in the past. Once you have learned the way … Read more

3Deep in the Wild West

It was always the intention that 3Deep was going to be a setting neutral core system and that there would be ‘add on’ themed or genre books to turn the setting neutral into a setting rich experience. With 3Deep in the Wild West we have taken everything we learned when researching Devil’s Staircase Wild West … Read more