3Deep in the Wild West

It was always the intention that 3Deep was going to be a setting neutral core system and that there would be ‘add on’ themed or genre books to turn the setting neutral into a setting rich experience.

With 3Deep in the Wild West we have taken everything we learned when researching Devil’s Staircase Wild West and applied it to 3Deep.

What you get is a very different game. DS:WW is fun and has almost cartoon-like cowboy shenanigans, the stuff of Saturday morning pulp TV. You can stand in the middle of a dusty main street and blaze away with your six guns. Characters can dodge bullets until their luck runs out. Try that in 3Deep and you will be calling the undertaker.

Combat in 3Deep is dangerous. The top tip is get behind cover and shoot from there. If you are fighting in hand to hand then get the positional advantage, hit them from behind if you can.

3Deep in the Wild West keeps its rules light approach. NO NEW RULES are added in this supplement. What you do get are plotlines, NPCs, setting descriptions, new cultures and new equipment. Everything you need to role play in a dangerous ‘Old West’.

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