Deal of the Day – Deep Dive

Today’s vblog is all about my recent 3Deep Deal of the Day. If you are a publisher, or aspiring publisher, Deal of the Day is ‘the thing’ that we all aim for with DriveThruRPG’s Publisher Promotion Points. It is the most expensive option available, and out of reach for most small publishers.

I have now run two DotD. The first was for a solo product. It was my Blades in the Dark book, which meant that the attached game had an existing huge following. The price was just a couple of dollars, which also meant that it was an easy impulse buy.

The second, this week’s 3Deep offer, was a completely different challenge. 3Deep is a standalone system neutral game system. Most role players already have more games than they will ever play, asking them to buy another one is a tougher challenge. Even discounted 60% the PDF was $4, not a huge amount, but the POD wasn’t discounted.

Experience says that a DotD will earn you $200 – $280 in additional sales. This one earned $199.01, so pretty much as expected. I hoped to sell 50 copies, actually sold 62.

The follow on sale was the big win this time.

What the video for more detail, and feel free to ask me anything about it.

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