There are at least three different types of solo role player, some like a generic tool that they can use with any game, Mythic is of course the big brand in that space.

The second kind has a preference for games designed for solo play from the ground up, from simple things like the Wretched games to Ironsworn, a game that has done a huge amount to raise the profile of solo play.

Then there are the third type of soloist. These want to play the games they know and love, but solo. Unlike the Mythic fans, these soloists often feel that the system is important, or they value the immersion of being fully engaged with the game they are playing.

I am one of the last type. I like to have my solo rules look and feel like the game I am playing. Solo rules do not have to be terribly complex, but if I am playing a d20 game, I don’t want to have to break out a d100 to roll on a different chart or set of tables. 

My attitude has meant that I have created nearly 50 individual booklets of solo rules. It all started when I was a games reviewer and I wanted to get a feel for how the game mechanics worked. If you got a new game across your desk each week, solo was about the only way I could get to play every game.

Most of the rules I have written are available on DriveThruRPG. Many are available on my own site, excluding those that could only be published as part of a community content program.

There is a third set that I can never publish. The game publishers do not allow third-party supplements.

It gets more complicated than that as you dig into it. Some publishers allow you a great deal of freedom but only if you publish the results for free and only online.

This patreon is all about those games that one cannot write and sell for.

Many of the booklets I have created have been where my blog readers, YouTube subscribers or twitter followers have asked me to write solo rules for them. I want to extend that. 

I will post polls so you can choose what I write for.

Those that can be sold, will be given to patreons first, for free for the second and third tier, and at a discount to the supporter tier.

Those that cannot be sold will be given to patrons first and then shared on my website later.

Those that cannot be sold or shared publicly patrons will have access to my private copy.

All the tiers of support are set to monthly payments. I typically publish at least four booklets a month, five to eight if you include the solo adventures and group adventures. Asking for support on a per-item basis I thought could get rather expensive. Monthly looks much safer to everyone.

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