Designer Diary: KS Started

I have finally committed to doing my Kickstarter campaign. I am writing the adventure at the moment, and I am about halfway through the first draft. I have five pages of notes for things that I would like to include. Some may not make the cut.

The maps are modified Dyson Logos maps, but I am also going to recreate the maps in Dungeon Draft to make VTT compatible maps.

The plan for my campaign is to have something like a $100 goal and a single $5 tier. That leaves me needing to find 20 supporters from my mailing lists. The rewards will be the PDF for free, $5 off the cost of the POD, and the VTT maps of the adventure sites.

I think it represents good value for money, and it is the easiest for me to fulfill, everything is digital and fulfilled through DTRPG. I have a library of thousands of pieces of commercial stock art, so I can illustrate this one from existing assets.

As I find my KS feet, I can reinvest in more art, as I learn what my earnings potential is, and as I build a following on KS.

That is the plan.

Step one is to create the adventure.

Step two is to set up the campaign.

Step three get a prelaunch page up.

Step four, start promoting the prelaunch page.

Step five, go live.

Step Six, go to Step one.

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