Dungeon Crawl Solo Getting your Printed Book (Amazon.com)

The Amazon Print option typically takes 72hrs. You need to start at Kindle Direct Publishing, even though this is a print book.

Self Publishing | Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

Sign in with your Amazon account, or set up an account.

Once you are logged in, you should see your Bookshelf. You need to hit the + Paperback option.

You now have a 3 page wizard to work through.

The title is Dungeon Crawl Solo

No subtitle

Ignore series

No edition number

Author first name Peter

Last name Rudin-Burgess

Ignore the other fields.

No contributors

You need to add a brief description here it can not be blank.

Tick the ‘I own the copyright and hold necessary publishing rights’ radio button.

Ignore the keywords

You must choose a category. Just tick the Non-Classifiable

Tick No for adult content.

Click Save and Continue

On the next page you will need a free KDP ISBN.

There will be a warning about only using the free ISBN with KDP, just agree and carry on.

Ignore the publication date.

Now you get to choose your print options.

The files are set up for:

Premium color interior with white paper

6×9 in

Bleed (PDF only)


Now upload your interior PDF

Now upload your cover.

The image above shows the check box ticked for having a barcode. Do Not tick this box.

Amazon using different paper, which makes their books a few fractions of an inch or mm thinner than Lulu or DriveThruRPG.

Now preview your book and make sure it looks OK. You need to click the Approve button (bottom right) to proceed.

You should now have your print cost.

Save and Continue.

On the last page you get to set the price. You need to set the primary market place, or leave it as Amazon.com and fill in the highest possible price, normally this is $250.

Below the Terms and Conditions is a green highlighted box to request printed proofs. Click the link.

Now you will have an option to order your own copies.

If you choose the closest marketplace to you, you will pay the cheapest delivery/shipping.

You will get an order confirmation email to confirm your order.

I do not know the logic to it but sometimes Amazon proofs arrive with PROOF printed across the final blank page. I hate that.

If you do not want that, you can click Back to Pricing and click Publish Your Paperback Book.

This really will publish your book.

It will go into review for up to 72hrs*, after which it will be live on Amazon. This is why we set the price to $250. If someone buys a copy, you are welcome to the money.

*I walked through this process to get the screenshots and the approval process took only 14hrs. The previous title took nearly 48hrs, so it is very variable.

After the review wait, you will receive an email telling you that your book is live on Amazon. Return to your KDP bookshelf.

Next to each title, you will have an Order author copies button. Click that, enter however many copies you want, and which marketplace to print and send them from.

These will be the genuine production book.

Once you have placed your order, return to the Paperback Actions and use the … button to Unpublish your book.

The titles will stay on your KDP bookshelf forever so you may order new copies whenever you want.


  • The cheapest print costs, and for me cheapest delivery.
  • Print facilities all around the world (Australia will be available from July)


  • Up to 72hr wait between set up and ordering.

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