Dungeon Crawl Classics Update

I thought I would give you an update about where this project is at the moment.

The prompt for this project came from a YouTube subscriber that bought my Stars Without Number booklet, and liked the icon-driven oracle, then bought the OSR solo book and was disappointed that I had used a very basic random table.

They had hoped for the same style of visual oracle.

This booklet gives that icon-driven oracle and expands on it.

A Word About d16s

I’m not too fond of the way that DCC resolves the d16. The rules say roll a d20 and discard any result over 16. The first time I made a d16 roll, I rolled a 20, an 18, and then a 3. Having discarded a natural 20 and a second decent roll, only to fail the final test was frustrating.

There is another option, and a much better one, in my opinion. Roll 2d4. Functionally this is the d4 version of the d66. 

If the first d4 comes up 1, the second d4 gives you 1-4.

If the first d4 comes up 2, the second gives you 5-8.

If the first d4 comes up 3, the second gives you 9-12.

If the first d4 comes up 4, the second gives you 13-16.

So, it is not a big deal, but it is less frustrating not having to throw away good rolls. Whenever I talk about a d16, what I mean is 2d4.

That is enough of that…

State of Play

The rules for this booklet are now written as a first draft. I spent today selecting the icons for the oracle. They are now in the document, and it is playable.

Tomorrow I will play a game using the rules as written and keep a journal. The actual play will appear in the rules.

When I get to this stage, I also find all those bits of advice and the tips that appear at the end of the booklet.

If all goes well, I will finish up the manuscript early next week, or maybe on Sunday.

The plan is then to share the PDF with you, as a work in progress. I will then get on with the layout, get the document to Goodman Games for approval and hopefully get it all approved and finalized.

I am thinking that the earlier I get the document to Goodman Games the less chance that it will get lost in the preparations for Dungeon Con. 

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