What am I working on? April 2021

Right now, I have two projects vying for my attention, possibly three depending on how you count them.

Project One

This is a solo rule set for Dungeon Crawl Classics. You may have seen some talk of this on my own blog. The request was to make something Old School but with Game Icons for the open question tool.

This project has a number of deadlines I want to hit, In a perfect world I will get this approved by Goodman Games and get the print proofs back before Dungeon Con at the end of May.

You will get your copies before the official release.

Project Two

I created rules for Delta Green. On the product page, and in the book I said that you needed to own the full Delta Green Handler’s Guide book. The Quickstart was not enough. Later in the book I had an oracle system where you rolled d100 for a page, d6 for a paragraph and d6 for the sentence. You grabbed two sentences this way and put them together and then ‘mined them’ for inspiration. You would end up with maybe 20 words, and ideally some of the words taken out of context or even word pairs would relate to your situation. I was told to take the book down because I had mentioned the publisher, and the book and quoted those two lines.

What I am going to do is sanitise the book, remove every reference to anything remotely Delta Green and relaunch it as Cthulhu Modern. The oracle will remain but using any rulebook from any Cthulhu modern system. If you hit a rules explanation, skip forward to the next example.

As this is mainly an editing task, I dont’ think it will take too long.

Project Two Point Five

When I made the Delta Green book, I was asked for a card deck. The book has a lot of random tables, and I think I can create a card deck relatively quickly for these. You can see how this is rather dependent on Project Two.

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