Week One

I had a minor conflict in that I want to give you all early access to everything new, but I also wanted to maintain my habitual weekly releases.

If I was going to put something new out on Monday, the ink would still be wet on it, so little chance for any kind of early access.

My solution to this is that I have completed the edit of DG: Rogue Handler, or now simply Rogue Handler. This will be an edit to the existing product.

I will add it to the back catalog list as soon as the files are updated on DTRPG. That ticks my box for having something new to release.

I am hoping to have the DCC rules in a functional state by Monday. This will be your early release. You will get the work-in-progress version early next week. I will then get the document presentable and that is what will go off to Goodman Games for approval.

Creating these solo booklets is not particularly fast. I think the Delta Green book took a month, ApoCthulhu was three weeks, Wicked Ones was six weeks.

On the other hand, DCC was just two weeks. Most of that has been reading and playing.

To keep up my weekly schedule I fill in the spaces with things like adventures and cut-up books, that can be created in a day. 

As soon as I put DCC over to Goodman Games, I will start work on rules for Alien. As I can never release Alien outside this community, I am intending to reuse much of it in a Coriolis solo set. I have been asked for those rules for a long time, it has just never happened. Both are based on the Year Zero Engine, which I am very familiar with. Alien has the stress and panic rules, and that is one of the defining features of the system.

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