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These links will let you download all of my solo rules, and related stuff, for free. They point to DriveThruRPG and will also add the book to your DriveThruRPG library, so should anything happen to me, or Patreon, you still have your downloads.

This list will be regularly updated.

Solo Rules



This is probably the second thing I ever released on DTRPG, originally written when I was about 16, and evolved over time. It was written by me, for me, and played by myself and school friends. This is not really a set of solo rules. If I was writing the solo chapter again, I would probably do it differently. You have been warned! 

3Deep Combat Cards

A complimentary card deck for the 3Deep system. 

5th Edition Solo Rules ‘Solo Adventures’ 

5th Edition Solo Rules (Fantasy Grounds)  MOD (Virtual Tabletop) 

13th Solo – Solo Roleplaying Rules Compatible with 13th Age 


A Lonely Knave, Solo Roleplay Using Knave 

Adventuring Alone [Hero Kids] 

Alone in the Dark, Solo Rules for Blades in the Dark 

Alone in the Loop [Tales from the Loop] 


Capers Solo 

Cepheus Solo Oracle Deck 


Cosmic Adventures (Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells) 

Crusaders Solo Handbook Compatible with Castles & Crusades 


D20Solo [d20Modern] 

Dark Stalker Solo Roleplaying Rules for DS&DS 

Demonic Solo Rules for Shadow of the Demon Lord 

Devil’s Staircase Wild West Solo Role Playing Rules 

Dog’s Guide to Solo Play [Pugmire] 

Dungeon Crawl Solo [DCC RPG] 


Forbidden Hero [Forbidden Lands] 

Freelancer! [Warlock!]


Genesys Solo Rules Supplement 

Ghostmaster [Ghostbusters International] 

Grim & Perilous Solo Rules – Supplement for Zweihander RPG 


Hack Solo [Black Hack]

HASP High Adventure Solo Play [HARP/Rolemaster]


ICONIC Hero [ICONS Assembled]

Inför döden är vi alla ensamma (We die alone) [Mork Borg]

Into The Rad [Into The Odd]

This one is special. Into The Rad is an entire, although compact, solo game that hacks Into The Odd into a solo Gamma World style game. It is both solo from the ground up, but also playable as a trad. RPG.


Lone Operative – Solo Roleplaying for Ghost Ops 1st Edition 

Lone Star: Solo rules for Mothership RPG


Mall Rat, Solo rules for Visigoths vs Mall Goths–Solo-Roleplaying-for-Visigoths-vs-Mall-Goths 

MAZE RAT, Solo Roleplay Using MAZE RATS

Monophobia – Rules Light Solo Roleplaying [Call of Cthulhu] 

Mutant: Year Solo [Mutant Year Zero] 


Navigator RPG – This is a standalone Sci Fi game that integrates the HASP solo rules. There is no discount code as the game is already Pay What You Want. Just put a 0 in the price and download it. It is also available as PWYW print on demand. As long as you meet the print cost. 

No GM’s Sky 3Deep – This is an adaption of Todd Zircher’s NGS. Technically, I didn’t write this, only the system conversion. 


Old School Solo [Old School Essentials] 

One Gold Coin [For Coin & Blood] 

One Lore [The Lore System / Lore 100]

Operation Solo Endeavor [OSE]

OSR Cosmic Horror Solo Roleplaying

OSR Solo


Player’s Guide to Solo Roleplay [Cepheus/Traveller]

Pulp Cthulhu


Rogue Handler 

Rogue Handler Oracle Deck 


Scion Solo Adventures 

Sole Survivor [Apocthulhu] 

Solitude [Chivalry & Sorcery] 

Solo Adventures compatible with Stars Without Number 

Solo Anime Adventures [BESM]

Solo Dungeon World 

Solo Engine for 7th Sea Role Playing Game

Solo Fate 

Solo Game Guide for Savage Worlds 

Solo Laser – Solo Roleplaying in The Bleed [Ashen Stars/Gumshoe] 

Solo Oracle Cards Troika! Compatible 

SURPS Solo Universal Role-Play [GURPS] 

Symbaroum Solo 


The Solo Society – Solo Roleplaying Vaesen 

Tiny Dungeon Solo Rules 

Trials for One – Solo Roleplaying ICRPG 


What is NEW is Solo – W.I.O.N. solo. 

World of Darkness Solo Adventures 

Worlds Without Number 

Cut Up Books

Cut Up Solo – 1001 Nights 

Cut Up Solo – A Thin Ghost and Others 

Cut Up Solo – Around the World in 80 Days 

Cut Up Solo – Barsoom 

Cut Up Solo – Beowulf 

Cut Up Solo – Deathworld 

Cut Up Solo – Dracula 

Cut Up Solo – Hour of the Dragon 

Cut Up Solo – Lovecraftian Dialogues 

Cut Up Solo – King Soloman’s Mines 

Cut Up Solo – The Case of Charles Dexter Ward 

Cut Up Solo – Fantasy Dialogues 

Cut Up Solo – Triplanetary Lensman 

Cut Up Solo – The Virginian 

Cut Up Solo – Pirates 

Cut Up Solo – She & Ayesha 

Cut Up Solo – The Thirty-Nine Steps 

Cut Up Solo – Night of the Long Knives and the Scarlet Plague 

Cut Up Solo – The Nine Unknown 

Cut Up Solo – Scandal in Bohemia 

Cut Up Solo – Poirot Investigates 

Non-Rule Books

Easier Sci-Fi Play 

Easier Mystery Play 

Easier Solo Play 

Easier Story Craft 

Scarier Horror Play 

The Sticky GM 

GM Screens

Beyond The Solo Frontier GM Screen Landscape

Beyond The Solo Frontier GM Screen Portrait 

THE SOLO ADVENTURER’S QUICK REFERENCE TO Barsoom Solo Game Master’s Screen Portrait 

THE SOLO ADVENTURER’S QUICK REFERENCE TO Barsoom Solo Game Master’s Screen Landscape 

GM Screen Solo in an Age of Adventure Landscape 

GM Screen Solo in an Age of Adventure Portrait 

Dungeon World Adventures

Assassins of the Vast Desert – DW Compatible 

Evergreen Valley – DW Compatible 

Root of Evil – DW Compatible 

Spark of Light 

Temple of Hell – DW Compatible

The Dwarven Legacy – DW Compatible 

The Dwarven Mine – DW Compatible 

Foul Sewers 

Dungeons & Dragons Conversions

Root of Evil 

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