A Devil’s Staircase Update

It has been a long time since I have posted an update about Devil’s Staircase.

DS as we like to call it is a playing card based RPG core engine that started life as a series of blog posts over on Stargazer’s World. That was in October 2017. The core of the system was hammered out over about six weeks with the community making suggestions and giving feedback. The game then went into a period of playtesting and then finding a writer to handle creating the setting content. The core engine plus the setting makes it into a full game known as Devil’s Staircase Wild West Role Playing.

In October 2018 the game was released as a public playtest version and a quickstart. Since then it has been downloaded 244 times and we have released its first supplement, a set of solo role playing rules that are also playing card driven.

What we really want is as many play testers as possible. If you want to have a look then why not grab the free download?

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