Designer Diary: Making it?

This week is an ‘inbetweeny week’. I have projects coming to an end [Kickstarter] an projects starting [ZineQuest and ZiMo] and projects in progress [Earl of Fife’s Heroes & Hardships solo book], but nothing that I can say, “Hey, this is really cool; you should look at this, do this, don’t do this”, or whatever.

In the background, we still have the Wizards of the Coast OGL 1.1, 1.2, 2.0 farce running. Behing that we have Mongoose being a arse as well.

Earlier this month, I was reminded by Adrian Kenelly, of Azukail Games, about this video by Mike Shea, SlyFlouish, and the irony of putting Wizards of the Coast as one of the hardest to achieve forms of ‘making it’ in the RPG industry. I rewatched it today, and I still think it is a really good video, and if you have an hour spare, I suggest you watch it.

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