Designer Diary: A Good Week

This week has been one of those weeks where everything has sort of come together nicely.

Since I made that video this morning, my new laptop computer has arrived, so I even have new toys to play with. It is installed Adobe Creative Suite even as I type this.

My four big things this week have been, refreshing 3Deep. That is now OGL free. The refresh brought in a raft of sales, and it continues to creep towards Gold best seller. Ironically one of the criteria I set for me to write solo rules for a game is that it must be at least a Gold best seller and have a 3rd party license. My own game is slowly getting to meet my own minimal bar.

I also had the Deal of the Day on Tuesday. This is always welcome and a nice boost to the week’s earnings. I sold 146 copies during the deal and the featured book Easier Story Craft went from Electrum to Gold best seller.

I think as a consequence of the DotD, and possibly the refresh of 3Deep and the OGL, I picked up a handful of new Patrons. Growing a Patreon account is hard at the moment. The world we live in right now is not one where people have a lot of spare money to splash around. Giving it month on month to creatives is a luxury spend.

I also launched my latest Kickstarter (link on the right). This is doing better than expected, and my entire strategy for Kickstarter still appears to be on track. It is hitting all my key goals. If I can keep up the production cycle I should be able to get something live in time for ZiMo23, Zine Month 2023. There are lots of unknowns to discover during that one, but it will be a fun exercise.

So, all in all, I have nothing to complain about this week. If only more weeks were like this.

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