Designer Diary: Deal of the Day


Today I have the Deal of the Day on DriveThruRPG.

Normally, this is has been an exciting day and I can expect to sell a hundred books or so, and maybe the same again in adjacent books as people pick up other stuff while they are there.

The last three Deals of the Day that I have seen the statistics for have been massively disappointing. Titles that were not copper before the deal, were still not copper afterwards. This means that the feature day didn’t manage to get them over the threshold of 51 sales.

One bad dotd could be just poor luck, two could be coincidence but three is an alarm bell.

Of course, not all deals are equal. If you try and do a deal on the second of a three-part adventure, that is only going to appeal to the owners of the first part. You would be better off putting a deal on the first part and hoping that in the future some customers will come back and buy the subsequent parts as they need them.

The three previous dotds had been very different products, and some publishers had tried to raise the awareness of their feature day, and others didn’t.

The big unanswered question is…. Has deal of the day lost its shine due to the cost of living crisis, rising inflation or any of the other pressures on people’s disposable income?

The complicated table I posted above is called a title analysis.

The 1 complimentary copy was sent to the publishers of Old School Essentials as part of the license agreement.

The 23 free sales are from my Patreon, as patrons get a free copy of everything solo that I produce.

The important number is the 245 sales. At 251 sales the title gains the Electrum best seller. If this title doesn’t hit that milestone I will be very upset.

I will update this post in a day with a new title analysis so you can see how many actually got sold.

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