Post Deal of the Day

Below are the before and after title analysis reports for my latest Deal of the Day.


At the end of the deal you get the following email.

So, this one sold 190 copies. The $244.53 is not entirely right. You also get cross sales with more of your own titles, so you get two generally elevated days. You can capitalize more on this by running an immediate sale to follow on, but I have been time-starved these past 3 weeks, and I didn’t have time to set up the sale and create banners, etc. A lame excuse, and I know it would only have taken an hour at most, but I struggled to find that hour.


In that email, you will see the quoted earnings per day of $1.39 and 0.53 copies per day. There are two things about those numbers. Firstly, they don’t match up with DTRPG’s own report prior to the DotD which reported 2 per day and 61.3 per month.

I assume that the £1.39 is based on a shorter and more recent time span than the title analysis report, which probably includes the rush of sales you get on launch day.

But, when I went into this publishing game, I looked at these title analysis reports and thought something along the lines of “If I can earn $1.39 per day per title, how many titles do I need to create a living wage?” Those earnings are based on 7 days a week, and I would rather not work a seven-day week.

I started with figures like that and just multiplied them up. Some of my titles are more popular than that, and some are less. I kind of thought of this as a brute-force method, but I have since learned that the nicer term is Longtail. There is an excellent article on this from Raging Swan; it is well worth a read.

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