Designer Diary: Catch up on Facebook Lead Ads

I have had two complete months of data now.

After my last post on these Facebook ads (in June), the new improved ads had peaked at 5 new subscriptions per day. That settled down to about 3 subscriptions for $2/day.

I have been using the built-in A/B testing in the Facebook Ads Manager and trying out different variations of my best ads.

I am pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to set up an A/B test. You can literally pick an ad and hit the A/B button, and it will make a copy. You choose what you want to test, such as targeting or creative. You then make the change and publish the new ad.

Facebook takes care of two versions. They then email and tell you which one worked the best. It is a single click to retire the worst performer and keep the best.

The more things you can think of to test, the better your ads become.

Even if you run a dozen tests and your changes are all worse than the original, you have still learned something.

I would really like to get up to that five sign-ups a day, but I am in no hurry. I can still think of things to test, different wording in the text, and different formats for the graphics.

I can read an article on creating ads and try and apply what they suggest. Every test seems to make microscopic improvements, but improvements all the same.

All in all, this is a very positive experience and my current performance is marginally more than 3 subscribers per day. Small progress, but it is still progress.

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