Designer Diary: Email vs Bundles

What Richard, Zadmar Games, is trying to achieve is upselling new customers into buying everything for TriCube Tales. This turns a $1 sale into an $8 sale. Once you have bought the everything bundle, you are likely to want to keep topping up the bundle as new titles are added. That gives Richard a stream of $0.25 sales going forward.

It also uplifts everything through the metal rankings. When TriCube Tales gets its Platinum, there is a very good chance that you will see 40+ TriCube Tales micro settings hit the same metal in close succession.

Overall this is a good strategy.

The only real flaw is getting people to buy into it at the top of the funnel. If you don’t know TriCube Tales, you are unlikely to be interested in the micro settings. It is those that hit the DTRPG frontpage.

What I was suggesting is adding a call to action on each product page, asking people to follow Zadmar Games and receive email updates. Adding this to every title is really easy. You create a footer and then assign it to all titles.

If you get people to accept your emails, you have an opportunity to tell them about each new release as it happens. This lets you concentrate your sales into the first day of release.

Most of the hottest banners on DTRPG are based on the dollar value of sales in the recent past, or volume of sales. If you concentrate your sales into day 1, that gives you the maximum dollar value and the highest number of sales. This is doubly true of day one as your entire sales history is just one day.

Getting into those hottest banners gives you more front-page exposure and will drive more organic sales. These are new people who are not on any list of yours.

Those are the people who will see your call to action and may well follow you and get your emails.

And now you have a virtuous circle. The bigger email list drives more sales, and more sales drive a bigger email list.

And all of it is for free.

You can sweeten the deal by offering a discount with each new release to people on your mailing list. I offer 25% off.

25% off is less of a discount than Zadmar Games’ 50% off bundle. So if people buy off of your mailing list you are saving money not giving it away, and then you can also upsell them the bundle and their first purchase will be discounted off the bundle price.

It just gets them into the system for you to show them what you have.

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