Barbaric Week pt 4

I am sad to say that Kane did not survive.

I started the game with Kail, Kane’s father. This time I went for a more specialist character. 2 Skill in Combat, 2 skill in Physical. 1 skill in Craft. 10/18 Endurance/Lifeblood. I didn’t take a Trait. Instead, I took a sword and shield as a combat move.

Kane was kitted out with plate armor, sword and shield. The combat move plus shield gives a DM-2 to being hit, and move+combat skill gives DM+3 on attacks. Having 8 armor makes Kail a tougher nut to crack. This time Kail was on his own. There was no wolf companion.

Kail set off to find his missing son, and that didn’t take long.

The problem was constantly that I could be surprised, but I could not surprise anyone because I was carrying a burning torch. Regardless of what the rules say, they are not going to be surprised if they see the light coming down the corridor for minutes before I get there.

My tip is that heavy armor made all the difference to a solo character. I did an experiment with two-handed weapons. They do 4D damage, but the shield giving DM-1 to being hit and a sword doing 3D was a better trade-off.

The sacrifice was that Kail had no magic.

What Kail did manage to do is clear the level of the dungeon.

If you want to dungeon crawl and work solo, heavy armor is the way to go.

My final update is that between part 3 and today I put the rules I was playing with in a book called Brute! Solo. Simply because Barbaric is simply so brutal. You can find it on my store, itch, Amazon and DTRPG.

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