Worlds Without Number

In the Patreon folder is a Worlds Without Number subfolder. In there you will find a nearly complete first draft of Ruinous Explorations.

These are my solo rules for Worlds Without Number. The core of the rules are all there. It is missing the Game Icons but you can use these rules in conjunction with Todd Zircher’s Zero Dice https://tangent-zero.com/zero_dice/zero_dice.htm or use game-icons.net and use the Random Icon link in the footer (last link).

I would suggest Zero Dice is the better option.

The icons I selected for the finished book will be added during layout stage.

There is still a section on soloing advice to write, but that does not contain any rules. I hope to finish the writing in a day or so, then do the layout and these should be ready to release on October 4th.

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