What comes next?

There is still plenty of stuff outstanding, more 2d20 systems to tackle, and two more 2000AD supplemental booklets, but I think I have created much of what was the previous polls.

What I am doing at the moment, apart from nibbling away at those two above, is reading up on Worlds Without Number. My Stars Without Number book is a platinum best-seller on DTRPG, but it was one of my earliest books. I would like WWW to be functionally similar, but also incorporate a lot more of what I have learned over the past couple of years.

I know that WWN was requested, so that is another one that will get crossed off the list.

I can buy the time needed to read and develop the WWN rules by releasing a couple of Cut Up books. You already have Pirates! and on Friday I will cut up Thirty Nine Steps by John Buchan. These cut-up books take no more than half a day to create but fill an entire week of release schedule.


What I would like, or need, is for you all to throw game titles at me that you would like me to read, play, and write for.

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