New free downloads

I have added two links to the back catalog page today.

Easier Story Craft is the latest little white book, it is no on general release yet, but it will be in about 5hrs time.

The Sticky GM, this is the original little white book. It isn’t really about solo, that is why it was not in the solo back catalog originally. But to have four out five books there made no sense.

Dredd Tables

You may not have noticed but I updated the document of Judge Dredd tables. You can find them in the Patreon/WOIN/ folder. These are supplemental tables for the WOIN solo rules. The main addition was a random citizen table, random locations, and a list of all the mega cities in the world, except Las Vagas, which Judge Death destroyed. I was using it to find out where other people came from. Mega City One does not have a number on the random tables. That was my “You are HERE” starting point.

I need to make some game-specific oracles for Strontium Dog and Rogue Trooper soon.

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