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When I was making the Alien solo rules, I thought to myself how easy it would be to take what I was building with that game and apply it to Coriolis. As it was, Coriolis is a much simpler game and the conversion was a matter of hours.

Today, I was making random tables for Star Trek and I needed to do a bit of research on DriveThru. One thing lead to another and I realised that the only Free League game that I don’t have solo rules for is Vaesen. I bought Vaesen months ago and was getting ready to run it, but never did.

I also had all the component parts ready to roll.

The Year Zero Engine oracle is the standard dice pool with successes equating to yes answers. I borrowed the building adventures from Alien, and the idea of not rolling for for something until your character knows it as a fact. I also borrowed the d66 tables from Alien.

The final part, something I like for investigative games is mind mapping. I used this in the Cepheus Engine/Traveller rules. Vaesen using the same mind mapping technique.

So, in less than a day I have a set of Vaesen rules that I really like.

If you look in the Early Access folder [Patreon+] you will find them there. If I do not have the Star Trek rules finished by Monday, Vaesen will be my Monday release. If I do have the Star Trek rules/screens finished I will save Vaesen for a week when I am hard pushed. 

Either way, you get them today. 

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