Star Trek Adventures 3

In the work in progress folder you will now find three pdf files, one for  landscape, portrait and home printing. 

The font in the home print version is identical to the core rules. That is only 8pt. I think it is too small, but that could just be my age.

Because of thus small font, the solo rulesjust fit on to two sides of US Letter. If you wanted to print these to store in plastic sleeves they work.

The GM screen versions use a larger font, so you can read it without a magnifying glass and from a distance. 

They fit over four panels. I am going to get these professionally printed using the DTRPG card printing service.

The actual screen costs about $20 from DTRPG, but Amazon have a good looking screen for about $24 with free delivery, unless you live on a small island.

Tonight I start reading John Carter. I played this a few years ago using the quickstart but this time I want to read the full rules just in case there are useful random tables in there.

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