Today’s Progress

When I did the Star Trek Adventures GM screen layout. My four pages in Word format, turned into just three panels of the screen. So, rather than get caught out again, I did some layout today to see how far my John Carter 5 pages in Word will go in the screen panels template.

It looks like I will need a few more oracles to put on the last panel, but the panel is starting to come together.

I also did some art selecting. I have quite a lot of Barsoom art. I have done some work using the setting in the past.

It finally feels like I have broken the back of this stage of the project. 

I think I struggled with this game’s solo tools because it is so simple. There were not enough problems to solve. It is after all a pretty straightforward action-adventure, or even sword and sorcery game when you take the telepathic and illusion abilities into account.

Tomorrow I need to do some photoshop jiggery-pokery because my art is mostly black and white, while the art in the core rules is rather more vibrant and looks like an oil painting effect.

I cannot just use starfields and galaxies, as I did in the STA screens.

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