Progress Update

I am still working on the Worlds Without Number solo rules. These are coming along nicely. If I have a really good week they could get done this week or next. The layout of books based on Game Icons takes an absolute age as there are hundreds of images to select, position and resize. The nice thing is that once you reach that point, you know the book is nearly finished.

I had a look at Fallout over the weekend. There seemed to be some heated debate about the quality of the published game. The vocal customers are disgruntled about the amount of errors in the published book and the publisher saying that it is work in progress. I am going to watch the dates for when the book is updated before I buy into it.

I think my next 2d20 project is going to be Conan. That will be another GM screen set of panels. It is long established and the source material is public domain, so I hope to be able to sell the screen panels once they are done.

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