Happy Soloist – Updated

I have renamed the version of The Happy Soloist that you have already seen to version 0.5, on the assumption that I am about half way through.

Today I have uploaded 0.6, which is, predictably, and continuation and adds more tips.

I still have more tips to add in, but I think the bulk is now in there.

I would like you help with something.

I am not too enamoured with the title, but I cannot think of anything better. My best suggestions so far have been:

The Happy Soloist

Confessions of a Solo Roleplayer

Everything you ever wanted to know about solo roleplay (but were afraid to ask)

50 Shades of Solo Roleplaying

(The last one may require me to write many more tips, and/or pieces of advice).

Does anyone have any sensible suggestions?

The inspiration behind this was the Lazy DM books by Sly Flourish, but I think using Lazy in title would be a bit too close to home. 

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