Dungeon Crawl Solo

The original intention was to create the series of videos for you, and then edit them down to create the video for the general public. 

This requires some skill as a video editor, which I don’t have, and planning the videos to make sure that they have the content you need in them.

I don’t plan my videos. I hit record and then spew out the words as they come to me. I normally do the entire video in a single take and, like many people, I cannot stand the sound of my own recorded voice.

The end result is that I totally failed to edit the videos down to extract the actual play. I am also not very good at faking it. 

What I have tried to do was recreate the actual play that you saw in the private videos, but things went slightly differently, but not by much.

Two characters died, just as before. Albert had a slightly more developed personality and Charlie the caravan guard was less of an idiot, but still got impaled by spears.

Videos are a bundle of skills I need to develop.

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