Dungeon Crawl Solo Print Options

I will shortly be uploading a set of files for the print versions.

I have been thinking about the logistics of early access print versions and I have two options.

Option 1

This link will give you an ‘at cost’ discount on my Shopify store. The printing is done on the Lulu.com presses. These are higher quality than DriveThruRPG/Lightning source, but more expensive. The book will cost you $5.80 and they are only printed in the US.


Option 2

Once the print files have passed pre-media I can create an at cost discount code for DriveThruRPG. The print cost is $4.79. This is cheaper than Lulu.

I will update this post with the discount link when it becomes available.

Option 3

Amazon. The print cost at Amazon was just $3.16. That presumably is the power of volume printing. I cannot give you a direct link. What I can do is give you a complete step-by-step procedure to create a KDP Amazon account. Upload the files, as if this was your own book, then order an at cost author’s proof. This would give you the lowest price print proof, and for most people the cheapest and fastest delivery, but it will be the least slick solution.

Option 4

I give you print ready PDFs. One for the interior, one for the cover, and you take them to a local print shop and they print your book for you. Because the printing will be local, your delivery is likely to be the cheapest and fastest option. There is a very good chance that when you are talking about $3 – $5 for the printing that the delivery will be more than the printing cost if you are outside the US.

Which options are the most appealing?

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