DCC Part 2 Controlling NPCs and Playing A Module

I am using the published adventure in the back of the Lankmar DCC Quickstart “The Portal Under The Stars” as my test adventure. This is only small, but in this video we start the adventure, and get past the first challenge, opening the door, with only a little party dissent.

The issue with these videos is that all the roleplaying actually happens in my head, so you have to imagine if you had a character in the scene, what they are saying, all the body language, the atmosphere and all of that.

In this first scene, the former caravan guard was obviously impatient, or maybe felt intimidated by everyone else seeming to know about stars and constellations.

With my focus on the former Gravedigger, the caravan guard’s actions were controlled by a DC 15 roll, Was he going to go along with the party? That came up with an obvious no answer. Using the dice just made him more adamant that he was going to try and force that door…

How I handle published adventures gets some coverage, there will be more in the next video.

I will also add a section on this to the solo rulebook.

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