About Parts Per Million

I feel that Parts Per Million is becoming rather dispersed. I now have three distinct web presences, this Patreon, the ppmgames website and storefront, and the DriveThruRPG publisher page. Soon that will be joined by a massively increased Itch.io presence as well.


This is where the magic happens. All the newest books, card decks, videos and when I get brave enough, livestreams happen here. Some of what I create never gets released to the public, but patrons will get everything.


This site is the public blog and storefront. The actual store is run by Shopify, and it is a dedicated solo rules store. Eventually, I want to expand the store to include other writers books and games. I just have not established the store to that level yet. PPMGames is also where I talk more about the RPG creative industry.


This is my biggest storefront. DriveThruRPG and to a lesser extent DriveThruCards are some of the biggest gaming sites online, most of my titles are available on these sites.


I have a few titles on Itch.io at present. After June 2021 I will unify the DriveThruRPG catalog and the Itch catalog so everything that can be sold on both sites will be available.

Social Media

Like every online business I also have a selection of social media accounts. The best way to keep track of them is to check my linktr.ee. Linktr.ee allows me to maintain a single repository of links, rather than having to update many sites if there are any changes.

Where To Buy?

I make the most money on each sale if you buy from the PPMGames storefront. I pay just the card processing fees and a tiny percentage in costs. At the moment not every title is available in every format. I also understand that if you have a massive DriveThru or Itch downloads library you may not want to buy from a standalone site.

Itch.io takes 10% plus card fees from creators per sale. You get access to Itch’s download library can be attractive.

DriveThru sites take 35% from creators, but they are market leaders in RPGs. Many people have a long-established download library, so it is the go-to site for many customers. In this list, it appears like a big commission to take, but 30%-35% is not unusual in this industry.

Amazon. You can also buy many of my titles on Amazon. Amazon only does the print editions. The advantage to customers is that you can get free delivery for Prime members. Amazon also handles my global distribution. Amazon take between 30% to 60% of sales.

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