DCC Part 1 Creating The Campaign Hook

Caveat 1

These rules have not been finalised yet!

Caveat 2

They have not been approved by Goodman Games

Caveat 3

I have never made a video like this, many parts with the intention of editing them together.

This video is a short, 15 minute demo of using both the icon and words method to create a campaign hook. The Campaign Hook is the reason why the characters decide to leave the farm, or their homes and go out on the adventuring road.

One of the difficulties I have with solo actual plays is that 95% of everything goes on purely in my head. If I talk about their village, try and imagine the village, and the villagers in their situation. If you don’t, this will be rather dry and boring, with little to get excited about.

Part II tomorrow.

(then I have to learn how to edit videos to join them together.) 

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