Cut Up Solo Triplanetary Lensman

On Monday, I will be releasing a Cut Up Solo book. These are exceptionally easy to make, the bulk of the book is the same from book to book. The snippets and the spreadsheet are made using Word macros and Excel formulae.

I will put the book together this evening*. In the video you do not see the front half of the book as it is actually the Cut Up Solo Deathworld book, that I haven’t edited yet to read Triplanetary Lensman.

You will find the book on the free back catalog list sometime on Saturday, and live on DTRPG/Itch/Shopify/Lulu/Amazon on Monday.

*To any German/Austrian/Swiss patrons, Mrs R is addicted to Let’s Dance** on RTL, so I will have all evening spare to put this together.

** To any non-German etc. Let’s Dance is the German version of Strictly Come Dancing or Dancing with the Stars.

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