Cut Up Solo – King Soloman’s Mines

After I posted the message on Friday about how I wanted to complete and publish the solo rules for Ghostbusters International [working title Ghostmaster], things took a turn for the worst. I ended up spending hours on hold waiting for a customer support person to answer, then we have an equine physio come twice a year just to check our horses over, they were supposed to come 3-5pm, so we got the horses ready, then stood around waiting…. They finally arrived 3hrs late, and didn’t leave until gone 8pm. End result, a total washout.

On Saturday, I had to make the decision of was it realistic to try and complete Ghostmaster. I had lost an entire day’s writing. I decided that I didn’t think it was going to happen.

Cut up books are fast to create. The front matter of the book is largely the same, and I have a template that highlights the parts that change from book to book. The bulk of the book is the cut ups, and those are processed by macros. I have more of these for my own use, without the need for all the front matter. than I have published. 

What this means is that I can create a cut up book, ready to launch in just a few hours.

When I decided that Ghostmaster wasn’t going to happen today, I spent the afternoon putting Cut Up Solo – King Soloman’s Mines together.


I will add this link to the back catalogue in just a second.

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