Alien RPG update

Today, I have been working on non-Xenomorph adventure seeds or clues. It uses the same Act format. I know that Acts are intended for Cinematic play, but they work just as well as an adventure structure. I am a big fan of the 5 room dungeon structure, and that uses Plot Hook, Guardian, Challenge, Threat, Show Down, Resolution. That is not much different from Prologue, Act I, Act II, Act III, Epilogue.

So, sticking with the five stages of the adventure, we have the basic job, with any complications, but layered over the top is another adventure seed. I have created two new random tables. One for Events, and the other for Target. There is going to be a third for Theme, but I haven’t got that one down yet.

At the start of Act I, you will roll for the theme, on the invisible table. These are going to be things like Piracy, Corporate Rivalry, Collateral Damage (for military campaigns). You do not roll this at the beginning as your characters will have no idea what they are getting into.

When you roll the Stress Dice and get a 1 or Xenomorph icon, you roll on the Event/Target columns. You then need to imagine how does this word pair fit in with the adventure theme, and your adventure so far.

Every time you roll a 1 or xeno, there is a new event that is intended to achieve the theme. If it was piracy, the events should work towards the pirates ends.

In my first test, I had a theme of Piracy, and the first event was Fire + Repair. I then created a scene where the ships systems had suppressed a fire, but the ship would need to put in to a nearby station for repairs. This was part of the pirates plans to control the movements of the ship. The second word pair came up with Stolen + Leader, and I interpreted that as a hostage situation involving the Captain.

At the moment, these rules are half baked, and mostly untested. I hope to show them in action tomorrow or Friday.

I also have the start of a front cover. That blank starfield has been getting on my nerves.

I promise to have something playable for you in PDF format before the weekend.

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