Alien RPG work-in-progress update

In the Patron Work-In-Progress folder, you should find an Alien RPG 1.0.pdf. This is far from finished, as you will be able to tell from the lack of even a rudimentary cover and all the big blank empty spaces.

What this needs now is more playtesting, more examples, and refining the tools.

The big progress is that it is now at a stage that I can play it.

If you need the link to the folder it is here.


I will never be able to sell these rules, that is the point of this Patreon. It enables me to make rules that would never otherwise be written.

Despite the fact that they will never be sold, I still want to make them look like a published book. I will just skip the “what is solo play” type stuff.

If you want to play with them, feel free.

I am hoping to record a bit of live play tomorrow, and then update the examples.

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