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Do you know that feeling when you think you will spend 5 minutes looking something up, and suddenly two hours have gone by?

I timed myself last night as I finished roughing out that Dungeon World adventure, I then played it through. As the entire adventure was pretty fresh in my imagination playing it didn’t take that long, about an hour and forty minutes from start to finish. I think with a group it is a decent three-hour game session, more if they get really into the shared world-building.

This morning I took my rough notes and wrote them up in Word, imported them into InDesign, did the layout, made the covers, and grabbed the screenshots that will appear on the product pages. 

The total time taken from the first idea to ready to publish was 4 hours 28 minutes.


Outside of the solo RPG world, I do stuff for Grim & Perilous Studios. I am listed as an Art Director in many products, and I have published many titles myself.

I also run the Zweihänder fanzine, Lowborn.

I am intending to re-stat this adventure and make it less Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, and a bit more dark and gritty, and publish it in Lowborn issue 6. I do not expect a great deal of cross-over between the Dungeon World with its upbeat, ‘can do’ gameplay and Zweihänder with its grim, dark fantasy.

It will probably take longer to do the conversion between systems than it did to write the first version! The difference is that the first time around, I had no constraints, I could write whatever I liked. Doing a conversion you need to try and balance encounters to Zweihänder’s tiers or things become too easy or too deadly.

Lowborn Issue 6 should be out at the end of June.

Spark of Light, for Dungeon World, will be out on Monday 3rd of May.

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