2d20 Solo Systems

These 2d20 solo rules are taking an age to put together. I am also conscious that supporters are paying monthly and if I don’t have anything to show then you are paying for nothing.

My proposed solution is to keep working away on the 2d20 systems and sharing the work in progress as I go, but make them a secondary project.

The primary project will be something more self contained. I gained my reputation by putting out something varied and interesting each week.

If you get three or four new tools each month, I think that will be more fun that watching the 2d20 systems crawl over the finish line.

I can pick some of the other systems that have been requested and get on with those and still make progress with the 2d20 systems.

In addition….

I have started a video series about solo play tips and advice. The intention is to make a whole series and then write them up into a book. Sly Flourish publish the Lazy Dungeon Master books. I rather like the idea of making a solo rpg version.

You will of course get the book first.

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