Old School Solo

Someone asked on Discord about Old School Essentials. Despite owning tons of books, I have never played it. I have played 5e, lots of S&W and OGL hacks, but not OSE.

My OSE folder

I dug out the Rules Tome today and it was a real blast from the past. My introduction to D&D was playing a friends blue book basic set. My parents then bought me the red book basic box set for Christmas and the blue expert box for my birthday.

OSE is a pretty faithful reproduction of those rules. I confess that I prefer ascending armour class over descending, and I am pleased that it is included in the rules.

It took next to no time roll up a character.

I could solo this using my OSR Solo, but I am more inclined to use the rules I put together for For Coin & Blood [One Gold Coin]. Or possibly I need something halfway between the two.

One thing is obvious, a solo first level character is a very fragile thing.

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