ModernAGE solo AP #3 The Knife

This session continues on from Part 1 https://www.ppmgames.co.uk/2022/01/08/modernage-solo-ap-1-the-gate-crasher/

And Part 2 https://www.ppmgames.co.uk/2022/01/10/modernage-solo-ap-2-what-are-they-looking-for/

The shell of the old Hellfire Club sits on top of Montpelier Hill, behind it is a cairn of piled rocks, its center is sunken where the cairn has collapsed into the burial chamber below. Buried underneath the cairn is a much older, 5000 years old, burial site.

That lower burial site is the really interesting thing here. The Hellfire Club is the tourist lure, what with its stories of murder, sex, and devil worship. Every inch of the old building must have been examined and pawed over by academics, enthusiasts, and tourists in the past hundred years.

So why has someone tried to conceal what they are doing up here? This is not just common vandalism.

Do the signs of investigation look professional, like an archeologist? 50/50 No, because… they are removing bricks from the walls, not digging into the ground. (I apologises to any real archeologists if that a rubbish assumption!).

Pàrlan stops and looks at what has been done here. There are probably two reasons why you would want to hide what you were doing. The first is that it is illegal, and you shouldn’t be doing it, a second is to stop some kind of rival from seeing what you are doing, and a third is because you were not digging in to find something, but making a place to hide something.

Pàrlan takes a look around to make sure there is no one approaching the hill, the last thing he wants is to be arrested for vandalism when it wasn’t him… yet.

Is there anyone coming? It is early in the morning, so unlikely No, but… there is a car in the car park at the bottom of the hill. Anyone in the car? 50/50 No.

OK, it looks all clear, Pàrlan takes a closer look at one of the areas that had been tampered with. Moving aside bits of debris from the wall.

Is the part of the wall that has been tampered with large? Yes, but… there is one obvious area that has had bricks loosened.

Pàrlan carefully starts to take bricks out, to reveal what is hidden behind.

What is behind the wall? My inspiration words were Who, Choosing, One. These suggest a person or entity to me. Who suggests an indentifable entity, Choosing suggests judgement, and One make me think god/goddess. A quick Google search of Pagan gods and goddesses throws up Wyrd the Goddess of fate, I think that fits my setting, the kind of story I want and the inspiration words.

Is it a statue? No. Is it a book? No. Artefact? Yes. The word Choosing makes me think of some kind of pointer, from that I decide it is small ceremonia knife.

Statue of Wyrd royalty-free 3d model - Preview no. 1

Wyrd is a female god who controls and chooses a person’s fate. I can imagine the female figure as the hilt of the knife.

Can I identify it? Intelligence[History] Success with 4 Stunt Points, I take Lucky Break which allows me to gain extra knowledge later.

Pàrlan draws out the knife from its hiding place. It looks old, probably Saxon, and it looks genuine. So this is a dilemma, do I take it? That is pretty much stealing. Do I put it back and risk the person who put here realizing it has been disturbed.

First things first. Pàrlan photographs it on his iPhone, and where it came from. Hell, you cannot be accused of stealing something left in a public place. Surely it counts as abandoned. Pàrlan wraps the knife carefully in his handkerchief and slips it into his jacket.

Pàrlan puts the bricks back in place, checking the images on his phone, so it looks like how he discovered it. Next up, head back to his hotel, fire up his laptop and try and figure out if this knife has been stolen from a collection. This could explain everything, where it came from and why is it then being hidden.

Pàrlan clears up and prepares to clear out.

Does anyone intrude in this scene? No, Does Pàrlan get back to his hotel without incident? No! I am going to pick my new inspiration words to see if that helps with what happens to Pàrlan. I get Concealing, Negotiation, Confidence. (yes I have changed my random word tool).

When Pàrlan gets back to his hotel, he will find a note slipped into his pocket, it just says “Return the knife”. Pàrlan probably bumped into quite a few people at the hotel, other guests, staff, but no one that registered on him consciousness. I based this upon Negotiation, the note being the opening round of a potential negotiation. I roll another word to replace that one as I have used it. My new words are Concealing, Confidence, Dignity.

Pàrlan gets back to his room, pulls the table over to the window, for the best light, reaches into his jacket for the knife, and finds the wrapped up knife and a slip of paper. The note says Return the Knife.

Is it handwritten? Yes, elegant writing? No.

The note is scrawled in pen on a torn-off scrap of paper. How the hell did that get there?

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