Designer Diary: Taking a Look at Cobalt Sages

I think the single most important takeaway from this video is the importance of having your own site. It doesn’t have to be big or extensive, but you need to have that hub.

DTRPG doesn’t give us many places where we can put external links. The only two I can think of are the publisher sidebar, as seen in this video, and purchaser notes. So, not having a publisher site is squandering the single most important opportunity.

The most important thing to have on your site is a newsletter sign-up form. People who enjoy your books/adventures/games deserve to know about what you are working on, what is new or upcoming. I give discounts on new things, but you don’t have to. I just like to thank people for trusting me with their email addresses. We all get a lot of junk in our inboxes so someone opting in is not nothing.

You can also use your site to signpost to either your social accounts, but I also sell on my own Shopify site, Amazon, Lulu, Open Gaming Store, and there are more storefronts on the way.

I have talked about optimizing product pages in the past. It is vitally important. In the video, towards the end, I show a few of my own. I am always trying to innovate, and sometimes I have left things to run for a while to see the true effect.

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