ModernAGE solo AP #2 What Are They Looking For?

This session continues on from Part 1 https://www.ppmgames.co.uk/2022/01/08/modernage-solo-ap-1-the-gate-crasher/

Pàrlan gets up in the morning and decides to place some calls. The first is to Alistair Lewis’s campus. He is going to ask some casual questions about Montpelier Hill, to see if he can gather what is going on.

Which university does Alistair Lewis work at? According to Google Oxford is the top UK univerisity for History. Is it Oxford? Yes, Next up, does Pàrlan know anyone in the Oxford History department? I guess this is likely. Yes. Is Pàrlan on good terms with them? No, because… it is an ex-lover and it didn’t end well. Was it Pàrlan’s fault? No. Well that is a relief! She is called Lillie Gallagher, a Phd. at Oxford.

Pàrlan find Lillie’s number on his phone and gives her a ring. This could be an awkward conversation.

Most important, does she answer? I will make this unlikely, as we already know that it did not end well. No. OK, so not an awkward conversation at all.

The phone rings and eventually goes to voicemail. Pàrlan leaves a message asking Lillie to give him a ring back, and mentions Alistair’s project in Ireland has killed his hopes of excavating a site. Hanging up, there is nothing else he can do right now. No one can stop Pàrlan from walking up Montpelier Hill, it is a public space.

Pàrlan gets his gear together, walking boots, binoculars, and notepad, and heads down to the site. It is a fair walk, about 40 minutes from his hotel, but it gives him time to think.

The Hellfire Club building is a substantial ruin sat atop Montpelier Hill, with a burial mound or cairn. The burial site that Pàrlan is interested in is below the cairn. Pàrlan walks around the building and looks at the burial sites.

Perception(seeing) – success. Is anything out of place? Yes, but,… Someone has tried to hide what they were doing. Is this in the building? Yes, and… and around the cairn behind the house.

I am now going to roll some imagination prompts. I don’t need them yet, but if I roll them now I can let my mind work on them while I play. The three words I get are Who, Choosing, One.

As Pàrlan walks around it soon becomes obvious that someone has been working up here, but trying to conceal what they are doing. Pàrlan takes photos of everything that looks like it is out of place, or had been recently disturbed.

Is there any pattern to what had been disturbed? Yes, but… it does not look scientific or systematic, more like someone looking for something.

The more Pàrlan sees the more curious he becomes. What could they have been looking for?

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