Designer Diary: Adventure Writing Part 3

Over the past 10 days or so we have started two campaigns to see how successful we can be with adventure writing.

I think there are currently six adventures published for Worlds Without Number. Three appear dead in the water, they are the first three of a four-part series and the fourth part was a failed Kickstarter, and there is no sign of it ever being published. The fourth adventure is by Earl of Fife and is standalone.

Adventures five and six were written by Marcus, and the two remaining unpublished parts of his series are in the can, just waiting for me to do the page layout. The number of battle maps they include has been going up with every release. This is added value to the customer as it makes the adventures easier to run over VTT.

In two weeks’ time, it is possible that half of all the adventures for the game system will be written by Marcus, four of the eight. Marcus also has plans for a pirate/nautical adventure and a third series as well. I think the goal is to have an adventure for every genre and every level.

My 5e adventures are doing alright. One has hit copper best seller and they continue to sell. I am pleasantly surprised at that. There is a tide of new 5e stuff every week. They should have disappeared into oblivion by now. The first two were horror, but I don’t want to stick to just horror as no DM is going to play back-to-back horror games. Their players would become desensitized very quickly. I think the next one will be a mystery.

I am also using vtt maps to add value to these adventures.

So far, I would call this experiment a success. The remaining question is can these titles build momentum and a following of their own?

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