Designer Diary Too Many Projects

Half of the fun of doing this is the sheer variety of things I get to work on.

Last month it was mostly Worlds Without Number, then when that was done I picked up Ghost Ops again. I also spent a bit of time with Cut Up play.

I also have a pile of projects that are ready to roll, but have never been published. I keep these back to fill in gap weeks. No one can read, play and write a book in a week. It just isn’t humanly possible, not to keep it up for five years anyway. At the moment I am creating adventures for Rolemaster, reading Shadowrun, writing and playtesting the Ghost Ops rules, preparing an Agatha Christie cut up book, layout for a WWN adventure called The Fungal Forest, working on a draft of one of my little white books for Sci-Fi games, and I have two projects that I just cannot quite fit in. I book of mini d6 tables and a 5e murder mystery. And I am playing in a Rolemaster campaign, a 5e campaign, and running a Pathfinder 2e game.

It is important to realize when you just cannot do everything and just bump stuff back. I skipped a week of the Pathfinder because keeping our horses safe takes priority. The Sci-Fi book and the murder mystery have had to take a back seat because I just don’t have time.

Ghost Ops is a game I have been playing for years, that is relatively easy to write for, and I didn’t have to learn the game ‘on demand’. My learning this week is all directed at Shadowrun.

Exciting times!

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