Pathfinder Solo Actual Play Session 7

This was one of those terrible sessions where everything seems to be against the characters. The answers to questions that one really doesn’t want, actions that don’t go the way you had hoped.

I had two ideas of what may be behind the problems on the farms. The first was that it was the bloodseekers, and this time that was what turned out to be the truth. The other option was that this was a scheme by Boggards, and I was going to find some Boggard Scouts around the farm. These could have been working under the Swampseer’s divine magic and that could have been the source of the corruption on the human farms.

My initial idea of creative 3-5 minute videos may have been a little ambitious. The videos today were averaging 9-10 minutes and I felt that I could do something meaningful in each mini-session. I think this is possibly nearer the optimal length between the massive videos of Geek Gamers and what I had envisioned.

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