Designer Diary Adventures Pt 2

So I have been developing my ideas around adventures. We* have two threads going on at the same time.

The first is for Worlds Without Number. Marcus is writing sandbox/hex mapped style adventures for WWN. The first adventure for WWN was released this week [The Ruined Keep] and is selling well. The second manuscript is on my computer waiting for an editing pass and then layout.

The second thread is all about 5e. I have now released two 5e adventures, both horror, Tier I adventures. These are not solo, which is a bit of a departure for me. What I want to achieve through this is to see if I can build a following in mainstream RPGs. The 5e community is the biggest in the world, having even a tiny portion of that would be massive.

The question is, how to build an audience in both Worlds Without Number and 5e circles? The only way I really know is to keep putting out new content, content that will appeal to a sufficiently wide audience but also focused enough that they want to come back for more. In the case of 5e, that is going to be for adventures that are not dungeon crawls or combat heavy but rather focus on problem-solving, relationships, and mysteries.

For Worlds Without Number, it is going to be about listening to feedback and writing the adventures that people what to play. It is a little easier I feel for a game system without a massive amount of existing content. But that will remain to be seen!

*I can use ‘we’ now as there are now two people involved with PPM.

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