Pathfinder Solo Actual Play Session 6

I am slowly learning the rules, on an as-needed basis, and today I had to quickly find out how to do a random encounter, but no encounter was needed.

Prior to the session, I had assumed that the Harper Farm really was corrupted and the vegetation mutated. That was part of the reason why people were being forced into banditry, or so I thought.

I looked up spells that could do that but they were all relatively high-level 5th – 8th level. That put paid to my idea of having an evil spell user as a baddy.

I did come up with two potential creatures that could be the cause. That was the sum total of my game prep. As you can see, everything else is being improvised ‘on demand’.

That is it for this week, next time I will find out what the foreman knows about what is happened here.

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